• How do blind people use discord?
  • Not all visually imapired people are blind, some are partially sighted as well, but blind people do use discord using screen readers, braille displays , and other assistive technology.
  • Isn't Discord inaccessible?
  • Yes, it is but it works well with JAWS, Voice Over, TalkBack and many more screen readers, also discord is working to make it more accessible everyday.
  • What are Discord Roles?
  • Discord roles allows you to access certain features on a server for example in VIP Lounge TheMicClub role allows you to access voice chat, also some role are just fun way to add some personality to yourself.
  • I can't figure out Discord UI what should I do?
  • We have guides to help you with Discord UI, or you can ask anyone in server.
  • I don't like typing, how will I chat then?
  • No worries, there is a voice chat.
  • How do I contribute in improving discord's accessibility?
  • you can enable screen settings > privacy & safety > tick "Allow Discord to track screen reader usage"
    This setting allows discord to record when you use a screen reader while using Discord so that we can improve accessibility.

    You can also click here to give accessibility feedback.