How to use discord with NVDA on windows.

Wondering how to use discord with NVDA on windows? Well, you've came to the right place. In this guide, you will learn how to properly setup and use discord with the most popular screen reader in the world, NVDA!


Step 1: download.

I recommend downloading discord canary where accessibility fixes are pushed first here. Once you've got that downloaded and installed, continue reading!

Step 2: ennicial setup and login.

Now that we've gotten discord on our system, we can move forward with the ennicial setup and login. Launch the discord canary application we installed earlier. You should see a promt asking you to login. You can navigate using the normal NVDA navigation commands. Discord acts like a browser so the quick commands such as H will work. Now, login using the account credentials you used to sign up. After logging in, you are dropped into the home page. In the home page, you can see your friends and dm conversations in chronological order. Now, lets join some servers!

Step 3: joining servers

To join a server, you will need an invite link. Just press the invite link and you should be able to join the server. Try it now by clicking on this invite link for VIP Lounge. Simple, right?

That's it. You've gotten discord setup and can now chat with other people.

keyboard shortcuts

  • Navigate Between Servers Control ALT Arrow Key UP & Control ALT Arrow Key DOWN
  • Navigate Between Channels ALT Arrow Key UP & ALT Arrow Key DOWN
  • Navigate Between Unread Channels ALT Shift Arrow Key UP & ALT Shift Arrow Key DOWN
  • Navigate Between Unread Channels with Mentions Control Shift ALT Arrow Key UP & Control Shift ALT Arrow Key DOWN
  • Mark Channel as Read Escape
  • Mark Server Read Shift Escape
  • Toggle Hotkeys Control Slash
  • Return to Previous Text Channel Control B
  • Return to Active Audio Channel Control ALT A
  • Toggle Pins Popout Control P
  • Toggle Mentions Popout Control @
  • Toggle Channel Member List Control U
  • Toggle Emoji Picker Control E
  • Scroll Chat Up or Down Page Up & Page Down
  • Jump to Oldest Unread Message Shift Page Up
  • Create or Join a Server Control Shift N
  • Answer Incoming Call Control Enter
  • Find or Start a Direct Message Control K
  • Decline Incoming Call Escape
  • Create A Private Group Control Shift T
  • Start Call in Private Message or Group Control Left Square Bracket
  • Focus Text Area Tab
  • Return to Connected Audio Channel ALT Left Arrow Key
  • Return to Previous Text Channel ALT Right Arrow Key
  • Toggle Mute Control Shift M
  • Toggle Deafen Control Shift D
  • Get Help Control Shift H
  • Upload a File Control Shift U